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Face challenges with confidence
The constant transformation of our world requires that you have reliable partners capable of understanding the complexity that society demands. Combining attentive listening, technical excellence, and legal experience, Cravo & Santana Law Firm quickly understands your challenges and promptly seeks to face them. We work in harmonious collaboration to help our clients overcome moments of uncertainty without failing to take advantage of new opportunities. We have worked with environmental and indigenous organizations, which has given us a vast and highly complex experience. Among our clients and partners are Amazon Watch, WWF, Instituto Escolhas, ClimaInfo, ANMIGA, COIAB, Conservation International, Nia Tero, and AmazoniAlerta Institut, among others.
We are a public interest office connected to the most innovative legal and advocacy practices. With partners and clients in Brazil, England, the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and the Philippines, we have created a network capable of impacting where individual and collective human rights are most needed. Cravo & Santana offers creative solutions and sophisticated consultancy, always associated with high-quality services.

As a client, you can expect world-class lawyers. Experience in international rights systems combined with experience in the national regulatory system gives our professionals differentiated capabilities to offer your demand a comparative and broad perception of the challenges you face.

Our lawyers are uniquely prepared to deal with the most complex challenges. We understand how the world does business and we offer the most practical advice and the most precise guidance both for confronting human rights violations and for companies if they wish to adapt to the most modern regulations in order to avoid any violations of human rights and the environment.

We look for solutions wherever necessary
Areas of expertise
Direito Civil
Direito Ambiental
Consultoria em Crédito de Carbono
Carbon Credit
Direito Administrativo
Direito Constitucional
Consultoria em Compliance
Bussiness Consulting
Direito Indigenista
Direitos Humanos
Direitos Humanos e Empresas
Human Rights
and Business
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